25,000 Tons of Agremax offloaded at TIP

In October 2014, Theodore Industrial Port berthed the Alabama Enterprise. During the vessel’s stay, approximately 25,000 tons of Agremax was unloaded for H G Fredriksen Company. The unloaded cargo was then transported to off-berth storage.


Conversion work on McDermott vessel completed at TIP

In mid August and early September 2015, conversion work and other preparations on McDermott’s North Ocean 102 took place at Theodore Industrial Port. The vessel will soon depart for Brazil. The major undertaking was the disassembling of the existing horizontal carousel with a top hat, transforming it into a basket type configuration with a 2,500-ton capacity. Several other modifications were also completed including a reconfiguration of the helideck, reinstallation of the ROV system, and major alteration to the mezzanine deck.

During the vessel’s stay at the port, major changes were also made to the carousel gangway, access platform, ladders and sidewalks, and the control cabins. Tagging towers and winches were also completed. The conversion of the North Ocean 102 was one of the largest mobilization projects completed at Theodore Industrial Port to date.

The Seven Navica Docked at TIP

Theodore Industrial Port received the Seven Navica for Subsea 7. While berthed at TIP, a mobilization project was completed on the vessel. The completion of readying Subsea 7’s newest addition to the fleet, the Siem Stingray, was also completed at TIP. The Stingray is designed for subsea installation work and will be a valuable addition to the Subsea 7 fleet.

Mobilization of Normand Clipper Completed at TIP

Theodore Industrial Port received the Normand Clipper vessel for Ocean Installer. During the vessel’s stay at TIP, a large mobilization was completed. The mobilization included the addition of an aquatic RDS system, lifting of a large umbilical reel, and testing for deployment.

North Ocean 102 Returns to TIP

In July 2014, Theodore Industrial Port received the North Ocean 102 for McDermott. While docked at TIP, an intensive rework of the vessel was completed in preparation for its next project with Petrobus.