TIP received BBC Amber for Subsea 7

Theodore Industrial Port has ongoing relations with Subsea 7, a company dedicated to providing a variety of subsea engineering services worldwide. In February 2015, the port received the BBC Amber carrying Subsea7 oil field equipment. Six high capacity umbilical reels were offloaded, which ranged in weight from 91-272 metric tons. The reels were moved to on-site storage and will be used in Subsea 7’s Murphy Medusa GOM Project.

Perlite offload completed at TIP

In February 2015, S&B Minerals used Theodore Industrial Port for its dock capacity and storage capabilities. The Lady Doris was berthed at the facility and 9,937 tons of perlite was offloaded. The perlite was moved to an on-site storage warehouse and will be trucked out as needed. Theodore Industrial Port receives several large shipments of perlite yearly and has dedicated a warehouse to safeguard and house the material.

Normand Vision Docked at TIP

In January 2015, the Normand Vision made a 10-day port call to Theodore Industrial Port. During the port call, the vessel received expansive shore based services. Core Industries’ heavy-lift crane was used to demobilize the vessel’s oil field equipment, including an umbilical reel. Several lighter capacity cranes were also used to remove one of the vessel’s port side umbilical chutes.

Iron ore offloaded at TIP

In January 2015, Theodore Industrial Port berthed the Federal Shimato. Core Industries’ team unloaded 33,502 tons of iron ore from the vessel onto trucks. The trucks then transported the material to one of TIP’s on-site storage areas. The job was completed efficiently by pairing Core’s knowledge and experience in the material handling industry with TIP’s expansive and adaptable facility.

Atlantic Dawn berthed at TIP

In December 2014,Theodore Industrial Port received the Siem Stingray, a Subsea 7 vessel. Shore based services were completed during the vessel’s port call. The Atlantic Dawn also made a port call in December. While docked at TIP, two reels were discharged from the Atlantic Dawn, weighing 101 and 172 metric tons.