Siem Stingray arrived at TIP

In July 2015, Theodore Industrial Port again received the Siem Stingray, one of Subsea 7’s offshore service vessels. During the port call,  a ROV change out was completed, which required welding and scaffolding crews. The ROV lifeline was also successfully respooled.

Lewek Express Berthed at TIP

In June 2015, EMAS sent one of their pipe laying vessels, the Lewek Express, to Theodore Industrial Port. During its stay, a heavy-lift capacity crane was used to offload an empty umbilical reel. TIP also provided a setting in which the vessel’s crew could be aided in replacing and installing a radar dome on the port side.

Lewek Constellation Docks at TIP

During the second quarter of 2015, Theodore Industrial Port received the Lewek Constellation, one of EMAS’s heavy lift and rigid pipe laying vessels. The main concern of the vessel’s port call was the Huisman 3000-ton offshore crane on board that needed to be repaired.  The services needed to repair the crane were provided by third party contractors. Three cranes were used in the completion of the repair work, which required a variety of different trades and crafts to accomplish.

Also, during the port call, electricians worked to install and terminate cabling in the vessel’s switchboard rooms. This electrical work was started while the vessel was at berth and completed while the vessel was offshore. The rehabilitation of the Lewek Constellation required many on- and off-site services and materials provided by the our expansive network of third party vendors, such as hydraulic hoses, machine work, sanitary needs, etc. Theodore Industrial Port was able to satisfyingly fulfill every request from EMAS enabling the Lewek Constellation to efficiently return to work in the Gulf of Mexico.

Skandi Neptune Arrived at TIP

In April 2015, Subsea 7’s offshore vessel, the Skandi Neptune, berthed several times at Theodore Industrial Port. During each port call, equipment was mobilized and demobilized from the vessel. The vessel received one mobilization for the Andarkko Project, which required our extensive teamwork with Core Industries. Core’s heavy-lift crane was also used to load and unload umbilical reels from the vessel on several occasions in April.

TIP received second cargo-ship for Hornbeck Offshore

In March 2015, Theodore Industrial Port received the second of four MacGregor cranes for an ongoing project with Hornbeck Offshore. The crane weighs 590 tons and is 115 feet by 58 feet tall. The MacGregor crane was unloaded from the berthed cargo ship using a heavy-lift crane and transported using 44 lines of self propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) to an on-site storage facility. The crane was stabilized in the storage area using twelve 200-ton climbing jacks and a synchronized jacking system. This crane, along with the others, will be stored at TIP until Hornbeck has completed construction of the vessels these are destined for.