TIP received barge for BP

In December 2015, Theodore Industrial Port received a barge provided by BP. The barge was loaded with a refurbished, 70-ton umbilical reel from off-berth storage to be used at one of their fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

TIP Stored containers for Technip

In November 2015, Theodore Industrial Port began work on the Shells Stones Project for Technip. TIP received a cargo-ship carrying 80 containers. The containers were then offloaded, which required the use of a 100-ton R/T crane and an extensive supply of forklifts. The containers were stacked and stored at the port’s onsite storage facilities and will be brought out periodically at the request of Technip. Our nearly 400 acres of land allows us to accommodate and adapt to the specific and diverse needs of our customers, as was the case for this project.

TIP received the An Change for AIA Recycling

In September 2015, Theodore Industrial Port received the An Chang, a 650-foot marine vessel. The vessel was loaded with 48,000 metric tons of scrap metal. We supervised the supply of all of the equipment and personnel necessary to complete the job. The job was completed using both night and day shifts consisting of nearly 80 people. This port call was one of several in an ongoing project with the Greenville based recycling company AIA Recycling, which is sending the scrap metal produced by major car manufacturers in Alabama to Korea for reuse.

TIP received the BBC Palessa

In August 2015, Theodore Industrial Port was awarded the opportunity to help Technip with their Amethyst Project. This project consisted of receiving the BBC Palessa and supervising the unloading of four umbilical reels using a heavy-lift crane. The reels and coinciding drive system were then loaded onto a barge and sent across the industrial canal to Technip’s facility. The material on the spools was then transpooled onto Technip’s vessel the Deep Blue. Once the spooling process was complete, the barge was demobilized and the reels were then loaded back out.

BBC Amber Returned to TIP

In August of 2015, the BBC Amber made one of several stops at Theodore Industrial Port. During the port call, many services were provided including the use of Core’s heavy-lift capacity crane and one of several other smaller assist cranes. One reel and 12 crates were discharged from the cargo ship for Subsea 7, one reel and 12 crates for Bennu Oil and Gas, and two reels for BBC.