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The vessel agent for any vessel loading or unloading cargo at Theodore Industrial Port shall file a Berth Application Request Form at least forty eight (48) hours prior to the arrival of the vessel.

In requesting application for berth the vessel agent assumes responsibility for all charges assessable against the vessel and any additional charges resulting from services from the terminals where the vessel is either working or at layberth.

In making application for berth the vessel agent indicates a desire to use Port Facilities under the Jurisdiction of Theodore Industrial Port and Berth Application Request shall constitute a consent to all the terms and conditions of any and all applicable tariffs of Theodore Industrial Port and evidences and agreement on the part of the vessel agent to pay all charges assessable to the vessel.

Application Instructions: Please complete all empty fields below and click submit when finished. Your berth application will be electronically transmitted to Theodore Industrial Port.

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In accordance with USCG 33 CFR 105.270 (b) (2), advance notifications of vessel stores or bunkers delivery is required:

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I hereby request berthing for the above listed vessel and have provided the required information herein. I further agree, as the agent or authorized representative for the agent requesting berth, to accept responsibility for all charges assessed against the vessel and any additional charges resulting from requests for service where the vessel is either working or at lay berth.I agree to furnish TIP a full and complete statement regarding cargo handled and such other information concerning said vessel in compliance with the current rules and regulations of Theodore Industrial Port Tariff that is effective on today's date.


This application shall be binding on the vessel, the vessel owner and the agent.

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